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Fun story about camping with your best friend!
My son loves to camp, so he loves this book about Billie and her best friend Jack because they are [[planning to] camp out in the backyard in a tent, and they've packed snacks! My 3 year old loves packing for his own "midnight feast" and "camping out" when he's playing during the day. Anytime we have marshmallows (that's what Billie saves for the midnight feast) he talks about this book. The Billie B. Brown series is written for beginning readers, so each book takes 5-10 minutes to read aloud, which is perfect for my 3 year old! Great for vocabulary and language development, and the author has included some illustrations which help to understand the story a bit better. This is such a fun story, especially if your child likes camping!
Date: 10/6/2019 8:54 PM