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Retelling, but true to the stories and style
Pride and Prejudice still opens with the same famous line, but because it's a retold story it's only 65 pages. The section at the end about Jane Austen's life is fascinating, and gives the reader a great background and appreciation of her stories!
Date: 10/4/2018 3:20 PM
Rewritten For Easy Reading - But Faithful to Original
This book is GORGEOUS!  For being all 5 books, it's incredibly light weight and easy to hold.  

Easy to read and follow ...  faithful retelling of the Jane Austen original novels.  I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!
Date: 11/10/2018 2:49 PM
makes the Plot very clear
Abridged version of all the novels. I have read a few of the novels and honestly had a little trouble getting a solid grasp of some of the nuances in the plots...this clears the waters a bit. There are character summary pages before the stories. Nice! Glad I got it.
Date: 11/29/2018 9:12 PM
Passing on the love
I love Jane Austen and happily procured this book for my daughter and niece for Christmas.  My kids and I read through the book for bedtime stories.  The illustrations and character summaries make the stories accessible for my 4yr old daughter and even my 9yr old son was listening in on the stories.  My 7yr old daughter claimed this book as her favorite and started her own book "The Romance of Rose" and scripted a play the other night.  I had to explain that she is not allowed to use the term "lover" as it has a different meaning these days(!).  There were a few editing mistakes, but otherwise this book was a perfect delight.
Date: 5/22/2019 3:42 PM
My Daughter Loves This Book
My daughter loves this book (she's 9). She has read it so many times in the short time we've had it! She brings it with her everywhere! I have a collection of the originals and will be fun for her to read that when she's older.
Date: 6/6/2019 12:07 AM
Lovely book, but binding broke
My sister purchased this book for her 13-year old daughter.  The book content is great, but within a month or so of her receiving it, the binding broke!!  This was definitely not from any carelessness or misuse... it was a bummer for such a lovely (and pricier!) book to feel "ruined", and my niece was disappointed.
Date: 5/4/2020 8:38 PM
Replying to 5/4/20 reviewer
In response to the review, I would highly encourage your sister to reach out to the consultant she bought the book from. The consultant should be able to get her a replacement copy for this issue. I'm sorry this happened but glad they are enjoying the book!
Date: 5/5/2020 6:08 PM