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We love this book!
If you love Animally, you will love Oceanly. We read it every night with my son. He is currently 2 and has begun to memorize it to read it with us. It's a great read aloud for bed with any age.              
Date: 9/23/2019 12:28 AM
A Must Have for Bedtime
Oh my gosh y'all, we have had Animally for a few years now and I love reading it to my kids at bedtime. My friend recommended checking out Oceanly and it did not disappoint! We have lived by the Gulf for the last 5 years and just moved away so my kids are missing the Ocean! This book has amazing artwork, rich beautiful language and large simple text. My son is a beginning reader so the adjectives are increasing his vocabulary rapidly and my daughter loves all the pictures! This is a perfect bedtime story for any age, but we use it a ton with our 2 and 6 year old. Another Kane Miller homerun!
Date: 10/6/2019 5:00 AM