Big Books For Little Hands
Here’s a fun and colorful rhyming book for your little mischief-maker! ... This charming story is perfect for encouraging good behavior.
Little Cub Literacy
This is a great one to use at the beginning of the school year or any time you see your littles getting a little too rambunctious!
Teaches kids all about manners! Told in rhyme and accompanied by adorable illustrations, this book is perfect for kindergarten, preschool-aged, and younger. A repeat read with great messages throughout!
The Pirate Tree
By the end of the book, the animals and young readers learn how manners and friendship are related. Edwards’ rhyming text will help implement good manners being taught by parents and teachers. Thomas’ lively illustrations bring the text alive. This collaboration between the author and illustrator will help parents and teachers to introduce social skills to primary students.
This vastly entertaining book doesn’t reason with or cajole kids to have better manners. It unabashedly points out bad behavior—“Just stop right there!” is the opening salvo—and illustrates its consequences. It opens with a chaotic jungle scene, including two pandas in a tug-of-war over a bamboo shoot, a pig throwing banana peels, and an elephant spraying water at a displeased rhino. In the ensuing examples of rudeness, the narrator’s rhymes match the behavior with the consequence attached to it. For example, you won’t be liked if you’re a “mean, greedy grabber”; and those who are rude “stop getting presents.” Saying “please” and “thank you” are reliable ways to avoid these unfortunate consequences, just as saying “excuse me” is more effective than stomping around like an elephant. The etiquette lessons cover a lot of ground, from not infecting other people by sneezing in their faces to caring for the environment by not “dropping garbage and upsetting nature.” The lushly painted backdrop of the jungle, with cartoon-like animals showcased, makes this a delightful, rather than a dutiful, read.
Kirkus Reviews
An early, representative spread reads, "Now no one likes mean, greedy grabbers. / I'm sure everybody agrees. / You won't get far being a snatcher, / Polite pandas always say ‘please!'" The accompanying illustrations show two pandas in a tug of war over a stalk of bamboo at the top of the page, with a picture below showing one instead offering it like an olive branch to the other. Ensuing spreads encourage polite words such as "please," "thank you," "excuse me," and "sorry," as well as considerate behaviors that include respecting others' personal space, avoiding crude language, never littering, and using good table manners. Throughout, there's mild humor in depictions of misdeeds and comfort in resolutions showing the animals all interacting nicely with each other. A playful guide to etiquette.