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Book mail is the best mail~ especially when it comes from: Dragons! ... An interactive read featuring this friendly, fiery beast! Who’s ready for some *Dragon Post*?!
Kids Lit is Lit
They have it all ... the wit so many books aim for and lack, the rereadability, and clever ingenuity that make them exceptionally well done.
Jamie Bills
What is better than pulling a letter out of an envelope? ... DRAGON POST was created by the SUPER TALENTED Emma Yarlett. It is interactive, fun, and adorable.
Imagination Soup “11 Children’s Books to Teach Letter Writing to Kids”
The story is cute. It’s about what to do with an unexpected dragon in your house — and the
illustrations are delightful. But the selling point of the whole book is the five letters that kids can take out of the envelopes.
Little Cub Literacy
I can see so many uses for this in the classroom... Of course the beautiful, vibrant illustrations and the handwritten font only enhance the all-around YES I feel when reading this one! It's another clever title you will find yourself reaching for again and again!
We love interactive books! Dragon Post by Emma Yarlett took "interactive" to a new level...with letters to take out and read! After Alex finds a dragon, he needs help taking care of it, and decides to write letters for advice. Each reply he gets is actually in the book, so you can have fun taking it out of the envelope and reading!
Barnes & Noble Kids Blog (Top Picks)
When Young Alexander finds an honest-to-goodness dragon in his cellar, he solicits professional advice immediately—and the responses to his letters fill every page of this clever epistolary tale. From the fire chief to the butcher, everybody weighs in with helpful advice, intriguing questions, and even some questionable commentary. But Young Alexander’s closest pal offers the wisest counsel of all—read this sweet story to find out!
Imagination Soup
The story is cute — what to do with an unexpected dragon in your house — and the illustrations are delightful.