Oh, the Books We Love!
The Book Without A Story is an adorable little read about the many kinds books in the library.
Meridian Magazine, "Newton's Book News"
Be sure to check out the clever end pages.
School Library Journal
This celebration of the wonder of the library and the love of reading is sure to please readers everywhere. A perfect choice for a library-themed read-aloud.
The Pirate Tree
"On a high shelf in a busy library sits one lonely book, Dusty the Book of Dinosaurs. ... Rabei's sensitive text tells the story of how a lonely book helps a reluctant reader to begin to read by himself. Her detailed illustrations pair well with the text. Highly recommended for inclusion in any home, school or public library."
Mom Read It
This is a great library visit read-aloud, and a wonderful storytime read-aloud. ... An adorable pick for readers and book lovers, and one that will send your readers running to the library.
Kirkus Reviews
A lonely book experiences the joy of being loved by a child in this ode to libraries and reading. Dusty is a library book with a singular problem: No one has read him, so he doesn't know what he is even about. After the library closes for the evening, a delightful gaggle of books comes alive and schemes to help Dusty get noticed. Warm, dynamic colors throughout the library, soft moonlight, and anthropomorphic expressions on the books invite readers in with a quiet earnestness ... Readers will find themselves wanting to hug a book after reading this story.