Little Cub Literacy
I love that this book teaches children that it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun and enjoying the process. ... I think this is a good choice for encouraging littles to lose gracefully. It’s also a good discussion starter about bullying and supporting each other...
The Pirate Tree
On the day of the race, the animals lined up at the Start Line and when Warthog yelled, "Go!" off they went. ... During the bicycle, swimming, and tightrope walking portions, little Aardvark managed to keep up until in the very last event, Aardvark met up with a bit of bad luck. Will her determination keep her going? Barrow’s simple story and colorful illustrations will help young readers to understand how important it is to persevere.
Mom Read It
The Big Race is all about embracing the journey rather than the destination, listening to the inner voice that tells you “I can!”, and doing the thing that may be a little overwhelming. ...  It’s a sweet story about challenging oneself, and testing one’s limits. The mottled artwork is bright, and the contrast between tiny Aardvark and her hulking co-competitors makes for a big visual.