Jamie Bills
This National Park book covers every national park broke up in regions of the USA, with suggestions on what to look for and do at each park, plus fun park facts.
Looking for adventure? ... Explore! America’s National Parks is full of facts, statistics, and helpful tips about our country’s National Parks. Organized by regions, you can read from front to back or skip around. Reading this book makes me want to road trip and explore all these hidden gems, many of which I didn’t even know about!
PSLA Literature Review
A great resource for research projects on national parks or the armchair traveler, this title is deserving of a spot on elementary an/or middle school shelves. The author consulted with park rangers and it is clearly evident in the wide variety of suggested park activities and park spots not to be missed.
Mom Read It
Beautifully illustrated, laid out by geographic region (West Coast, Alaska, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Central, East, and Tropics), and with a strong message of environmental respect and care, this is a treasure trove.
Kids Lit is Lit
Gorgeous nonfiction alert! Explore! America’s National Parks takes an incredibly in-depth look at nature’s playgrounds in the USA. This book is packed full of tips, specific plants & wildlife to be on the lookout for at each park and would make a fabulous addition for families that make it a point to visit them.
Little Cub Literacy
There is so much beauty in our National Parks and such a wide variety as you cross the coast! In this brand-new release, little explorers will navigate the different National Parks and get a taste for adventure.
Our World of Words
What I really like about this book is the way the information is presented. ... The illustrations are wonderful and important facts and figures are added at appropriate places.