Picture of Billie B. Brown Collection (15)

Billie B. Brown Collection (15)

Publisher: Kane Miller

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Paperback 784851 $59.99
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Did you know that Sally Rippin, author of the Billie B. Brown & Hey Jack! books wrote them because her son struggled with reading. Each book is written so that no words cross over onto another page, there are no hyphenated words, and some words appear bigger than others. These books were written with a very specific purpose in mind. One is for a child to pick up the book, look at the page and say "That doesn't look so hard, I can read that" The other is to give kids 6-8 a fun, engaging story that they can relate to and learn from.

This collection includes the paperback edition of the following titles from the Billie B. Brown series: The Bad Butterfly, The Beautiful Haircut, The Best Project, The Big Sister, The Birthday Mix-Up, The Copycat Kid, The Deep End, The Extra-special Helper, The Little Lie, The Midnight Feast, The Night Fright, The Second-best Friend, The Secret Message, The Soccer Star, and The Spotty Vacation.

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